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Rick Kramer Memorial Flight Award

Rick Kramer was well known in the model rocketry community for flying some very unusual rockets. He enjoyed making rockets out of a variety of food containers and was a big fan of tube finned rockets. Despite the unusual design of many of his rockets they were always well build and flew successfully.

In honor of Rick's memory we have decided to declare the most unusual rocket flown at GARLO each year to be a Rick Kramer Memorial Flight. This page will list the winners of this award for each year starting with 2011.

Year Flyer Rocket
2011 Mike Zaborowski Robbie the Robot
2012 Alan Carroll Spoolin', a 2 stage spool
2013 Adam Joseph Replicator Rocket, a 3D printed rocket
2014 Mike Zaborowski Missile Toe, a Gooney rocket
2015 Steven Dramstad Pet Rock-ette
2016 William Carney Hatter
2017 Steven Dramstad Tinker Toy, indescribable
2018 Jonathan Sivier Dragonfly monocopter
2019 John Hall Whirl & Hurl, a 3D printed rocket
2020 Chris Deem Solar Probe on a H45W
2021 Nate Dickerson Geometric

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